Dudley Brothers Company carries the widest selection of windows available. We carry vinyl and wood windows that can be painted to match the interior of the home, or feature a wood stain that compliments the wood of the home. All of our windows are maintenance-free, so our customers no longer worry about painting the inside or outside of their windows any longer. Our Energy Star® windows meet the nation’s standards for a well-fit, energy efficient window that can save you money on your monthly energy costs.

From the traditional elegance of a double hung to the sweeping curve of a bay or bow, the Dudley Brothers Company window collection will let you design the perfect window system for your home.

We are proud to offer basement egress windows, which conform to the nation’s codes for bedrooms.


We sell and install windows from all major manufacturers


We offer options and colors to suite any need.

Options include:

  1. Vinyl or aluminum maintenance free exterior
  2. Interior can be vinyl wood grain or real wood
  3. Any type of glass that is available
  4. Abundant grid options
  5. Easy clean glass and tilting option
  6. Custom sizes

and many more!

Dudley Brothers Company is proud to offer a thorough lineup of windows that are sure to please any taste. We carry single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, bay, bow, basement egress, and picture windows. Many of our windows can be mixed and matched to create numerous light inviting combinations.

Single Hung Windows:

A sleek design with stationary upper sash and tilt-in bottom sash. The single-hung has multi-chambered construction and fusion welded corners. The lower sash opens for ventilation but the upper sash is stationary.  The meeting rails and handle rail is reinforced with metal for rigidity.  A full interlock at the meeting rail and a stepped frame design provides additional strength to the window.


Units contain 3/4″ insulated glass made with a superior insulating system. Finned weather-stripping helps control air infiltration.  A groove around the master frame allows simple stacking and mulling of multiple units and the easy application of supplemental profiles.


Double Hung and Casement:

Double-Hung and Casement Windows with fusion-welded, multi-chambered frame and sash. Durable multi-chambered extrusions provide strength and increase thermal efficiency. The double-hung window is similar to the Single-Hung but both sashes tilt-in for easy cleaning, and both sashes open for ventilation.


Dudley Brothers Company carries windows that contain 3/4″ insulated glass made with a superior insulating system. Finned weather-stripping helps control air infiltration.  A groove around the master frame allows simple stacking and mulling of multiple units and the easy application of supplemental profiles.

Our Double Hung Windows provide superior performance, strength and durability. All feature energy efficient insulated glass, are easy to clean and vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free.

Double Hung windows are a classic style and can be customized to your liking. Place a picture window between two Double Hung windows to create a “Chicago Window” made famous by architect Louis Sullivan.




Bay Windows:

Add space and value to your home with an eye-catching Bay window…Double-Hung or Casement model.

Or, enjoy the gentle sweeping curve and panoramic view of a Bow window…available in a 3, 4, 5, or 6 section unit. Bay

windows featuring a large picture window flanked by two operating casement or double-hung windows, bay windows

offer functional beauty and natural lighting while providing increased thermal efficiency.



Bow Windows:

Custom-made bow windows can be ordered in multiple window units, with two operating windows (standard)

for optimum ventilation and added window space. Optional operators and deadlites can be added for a customized

unit that reflects the architectural needs of your home.


BOW WINDOW PICTURES (2)             


Bays and bows allow more natural light inside your home by increasing window space, brightening dark interiors and reducing daytime lighting costs. These windows also provide a feeling of “openness” that makes a home feel comfortable and inviting. Bays and bows are two of the most popular window styles and are often the first consideration in remodeling.

Many window manufactures offer only fixed designs, but Dudley Brothers Company offers bays and bows custom-made to your specifications. Whether mixing casement and picture windows or a series of double-hung windows, you can be assured that all units will be built from high-quality Elite windows designed for long-lasting durability and added energy efficiency. Dudley Brothers Company bays and bows offer natural beauty with no-hassle, worry-free maintenance.


Picture Windows:

Complement your home’s design and maximize your view with these fixed lite units.

Dudley Brothers Company has many different shapes of picture windows to complement your home’s design. Rectangles, squares, full-circles, octagons, half-circles, eyebrows, triangles, trapezoids and quarter-arches are all available. Most can be combined with other windows to create distinctive combinations.


All picture windows are fusion-welded for strength and are thermally efficient, and maintenance-free.



Windows, doors, and patio doors with High-Performance Low-E4 glass can reduce energy bills by 25% in the summer and 10% in the winter*.

Poor-performing windows can lose up to 40 percent of heating energy in winter. With the high cost of energy, that’s a lot of money going right out the window! Even worse (and often overlooked), poor-performing windows can lose up to 50 percent of a home’s cooling energy in summer. It’s expensive to have worn-out or inefficient windows.

Shopping for energy efficient replacement windows can be confusing, but an important factor to keep in mind is whole window performance. Dudley Brothers Company outstanding whole window performance is the result of our outstanding framing material, Low-E4 double pane glass, and professional installation.