Quality-crafted with attention to detail.  The products Dudley Brothers Company carry combine outstanding beauty and strength with the luxury of a low maintenance finish.  It is our commitment and ambition to offer the very best products deserving of our good name and worthy of the place you call home. We order our products direct from the manufacturer, which guarantees us the highest quality materials in North America. The siding lines Dudley Brothers Company carries are held to the toughest weather standards, and give our customers the greatest comfort knowing our products are tested vigorously to ensure the best quality year after year.


As one of the few companies to offer an extensive product line of vinyl, aluminum, steel, composite, brick, stone, and shake siding and accessories, we have everything you need to create an exquisite home exterior.  Our product lines will embrace your every idea and inspiration, making your home a true reflection of your personal taste.  The lengths our product lines have can offer a potentially seamless wall, and the warranties carried are the industry’s most inclusive and ample. Our sidings exceed the industry’s impact standards, while leading the way with design features that help ensure a more secure installation, along with better resistance to wind and weather extremes. And remember, having your home sided is a one time investment that can significantly improve the “curb appeal” and value of your home, should you decide to sell.

About our siding


Complete jobs include:


-All trim, fascia, and soffit

-Gutters and downspouts

– Color Coordination

We have special insulating and sealing techniques to make your house as tight and warm as a new home.

Benefits of our siding lines:

– Durable – exceeding industry standards while providing lifetime performance

– Will not dent, peel, blister, rust, flake or corrode

– Provides freshly painted look, year after year

– Many lines have long lengths that reduce laps, which reduces the number of panels needed – saving you money

– Unsurpassed UV resistance and protection against fading and discoloration

– We carry manufacturers that offer a wide variety of lengths, widths, and design options

– Warranties that are transferable, non-prorated, lifetime, covers labor and materials, covers fading and hail




Features of our siding lines:

– Color-through process never needs painting

– Distinctive profiles in a variety of rich shades

– Cost-effective: virtually maintenance free cladding systems

– Insulation engineered to breathe and keep moisture out

– Reduces noise

– Reinforced nail slots and perimeter locks

– Extra thick gauges that offer superior rigidity and strength


When selecting siding, it’s much more than just choosing a color. Our profiles range from Traditional, Composite, Triple 3, Long Lengths, Dutch Lap, and Clapboard to Vertical, Beaded and Vertical Board & Batten, Shingles and Shakes — available in textures such as light roughsawn, brushed, wood-grain and driftwood. Selected products also have been certified through a quality testing program sponsored by the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI), which Dudley Brothers Company’s siding installers are certified through.  This highly recognized certification assures homeowners, that by selecting certified vinyl siding, they can expect a product that meets the highest industry standards for quality.

The first step is picking the type of siding that’s best for you:

There are many styles to choose from, and Dudley Brothers Company carries them all… which one do your prefer?

Traditional Double 4

Straight Wood Grain texture blends perfectly with any architectural style. Straight profile provides sleek and shapely elegance to fit nearly any architectural style.

Dutch Lap Smooth

With the hand-tooled grace of colonial craftsmanship, Dutch lap is the perfect choice for new construction and remodeling jobs.

Board & Batten

A vertical panel perfect for accent siding such as porch insets and gable ends, or it can be used on the entire building for a sleek, contemporary look. It is often used with Carpenter Gothic architecture.

Insulated Composite Straight Wood Grain

Insulated siding, bonded with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, delivers style, strength and performance. Plus, the insulation offers noise reduction, water resistance and energy savings.

Straight Smooth

Straight smooth texture provides clean, contemporary lines that go well with most architectural styles.

Dutch Lap Wood Grain

Dutch lap Wood Grain provides a rustic look that compliments traditional architecture.

Perfection Shingle

Perfection Shingles can give an entire house the classic look of cedar shingles, with a premium placed on long-term protection.

Traditional Double 6                        Traditional Single 7”                                               Dutch Lap 5 ½”

Traditional Double 5                        Triple 3”                                    Solid Foam Core

Tuscan Stone                              Torino Stone





Soffit & Fascia

Soffit, fascia and trim are vital elements of a home’s overall appearance and structural integrity. Dudley Brothers Company products represent a legacy of durability that has been trusted by homeowners for years. Soffit systems add the perfect finishing touch while providing essential ventilation to help prevent roof structure and rafter decay. Available in vinyl and aluminum, soffit comes in numerous colors and several finishes to make the most of your siding projects. Our quality soffit & fascia products are solidly constructed and come in a wide array of colors that give you the freedom to explore new design ideas. Our trim coils also feature tough coatings and various color selections, including palettes compatible with the siding of many manufacturers.


Decorative Accents

From fencing and landscaping to lamp posts and porches, Dudley Brothers Company’s Architectural Columns are decorative accents that add immeasurable character and give your home an unparalleled look. With all the detail, shadowing and texture of fine, quarried stone, you can use them to accentuate your own style with classic, timeless embellishments.


Details can bring beauty, order and balance to your home. And tell a lot about who you really are. Shingles and shakes create visual interest unlike any other exterior surface. Dudley Brothers Company’s shake products can add dimension, tie gables and other elements into your overall design, or provide a dramatic contrast to stone or clapboard.


Hand-Split Shake, Cedar Shake, Half Rounds, 8’ Long Length Cedar Shake and Perfection Shake are the accents that can add impact to give your home an intriguing look, or unify it with a sense of simplicity.





Hand-Split Shake

Bring Untamed Beauty Home. The process of hand splitting cedar shingles produces a beautiful, rustic texture in each individual piece. Hand-Split has the same rough-hewn presence and intense shadows as hand-split wood, providing immense interest and dimension. You enjoy the hardy beauty of the forest, the refreshing feel of a cool breeze, and spending time on your porch enjoying all nature has to offer. Our Hand-Split Shake perfectly captures nature’s imperfect beauty and character for you to enjoy for years to come.

The rugged appearance of Hand-Split Shake is captured in its 8 3/4-inch shingle exposure that showcases deeply-grained panels that have as much personality and presence as the stately cedar trees they mimic.


Cedar Shake

The exterior of a home has a visual rhythm created by the play of light and shadow. Our Cedar Shake can be combined with stone and clapboard to deliver an inviting exterior that can change the pace of a design.




Half Rounds

Half Rounds are distinguishing elements that give the exterior of your home genuine appeal. Use them to add interest to the simplest cottage, or embellish gables for a classic finishing touch to a grand Victorian masterpiece.


8′ Long Length Cedar Shake

8’ Long Length Cedar Shake provides deep lowlights and pronounced textures that make your design truly fascinating.

Perfection Shake

With its deep grain and nicely defined shadow lines, our Perfection Shake can give you the look of homes found on the New England coast without the costly maintenance associated with real wood.


Give your home a polished, yet handcrafted appearance. Whether you’re creating clean contrast or matching harmony, has three accent categories of trim products to give you distinctive detail – Window & Door Trim, Corners, and Decorative Trim.

The Accessories collection provides you with a wide selection of accents, from a graceful fluted lineal and a decorative three-piece corner post system to stately crown molding and a broad Band Board. All are engineered to fit smoothly with any design style you choose from Dudley Brothers Company.

Window & Door Trim

These extraordinary accents do much more than keep the wind from seeping in around doors and windows. Made to match or provide striking contrast, Dudley Brothers Company Window & Door Trim provides both beautiful focus and decorative accent while allowing for more design possibilities.



High performance is essential at the corners of a home – both to safeguard the interior from the elements and to add visual interest in a harmonious or contrasting manner.


Decorative Trim

These are the finishing touches that make a strong design statement. From the graceful detail of Crown Molding to the simple, but impressive look of a wide Band Board, these elements can set the tone of your exterior.